Our Philosophy

Training Power has a simple mission. They are committed to the pursuit of excellence in industry. The key goal is to provide exemplary service, training, and consulting services to all clients.

How do we do it?

Our services are directed at providing viable and cost effective solutions to problems and identifying opportunities for improvement. Our business is to help busy executives and managers solve complex business problems and troubleshoot areas of concern. The professionals at Training Power create a culture of innovation, the ultimate fuel for company success, means connecting the right people and bringing all essential resources to the table.

Training Power help desk is available 7 days a week during business and after hours, with a guaranteed response within two hours. Having a reliable remote link option allows us to assist you immediately and economicaly saving costs in time and travel.

Our Team

We are an independent computer company supplying consultancy, hardware and software for computers, networking systems, web site design, internet access, and technical and on-site support to business throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

Eva Sperlich (Principal)

Since 1998, Business and information technology professional with specialist experience in accountancy and training.

She is well known for her ability to put the new computer user at ease while at the same time challenging the more advanced user to learn more. Eva enjoys teaching hands-on classes, offering one-on-one training assistance, guiding video-conference classes as well as designing and customising on-site training courses. She is a registered ABM dealer with extensive accounting/finance knowledge, and combined, a successful solutions provider.

  • Innovative Business Solutions Provider
  • Experienced workplace trainer and assessor
  • Possess formal educational qualifications for accountancy
  • Dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic training in the workplace

Eva is recognised nationally as a certified workplace trainer and assessor by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA).

Marina Viknyansky (Technical Manager)

Marina enjoys the challenge of working on multiple projects at once, both solving problems and delivering training in information technology. Her success comes from her experience. Utilising impressive people skills (that are as good as her technical skills), her basic priority is to find workable solutions to keep computer systems up and running and to design new systems that meet users' needs.

Whether it be operating systems, accounting software, payroll, service management, manufacturing or other software, Marina's experience proves an asset to the team at Training Power. She is very knowledgeable in programming languages: Turbo Pascal, COBOL, Oracle SQL, MS SQL 7, Visual Basic, Powerhouse, Appgen, and Unix scripts.

Marina is also certified as a programmer and systems analyst with a Bachelor of Business Information Technology (Victoria University of Technology). Her skills in design of Crystal reports enable us to provide customized reporting for all software modules


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