LeGrand CRM

Training Power has found the solution for creating the ideal customer database management system, one that is powerful, functional and affordable. Best of all, implementation time is short and ease of use is high.

If you are determined to grow your customer base, strengthen your existing customer relationships and effectively manage your sales team, then you need to look at Legrand CRM. You will not find another system that is as practical and effective.

Legrand integrates with ABM accounting software effortlessly; providing a complete system to turn prospects into customers.

Legrand CRM is available in two Editions to meet your size and functionality.

  • PRO Edition - Workgroups of 1-15 users
  • Corporate Edition - Workgroups of 5-50 users

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Advanced Business Manager

Most of our customers are now familiar with the next generation of accounting software, Advanced Business Manager.
ABM is an international joint venture (Australia, New Zealand and Ireland), providing the latest in Windows technology for the benefit of Australian businesses, ABM is integrated with Microsoft Office to streamline the running of your company.

  • It is suitable for business from one to 100+ workstations
  • Handles any number of companies
  • For privacy purposes, your staff can be divided into 10 user groups
  • Each group can then be allocated access rights to the specific tasks
  • Medium and larger companies can benefit from the bullet-proof security features of Micorosoft SQL Server databases
  • Wizards make it easy when creating a new company databases

Easy operation... it's just like Microsoft Outlook... reduces staff training... We all enjoyed the tips and tricks we learnt and are looking forward to passing them on to our valuable customers.

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Wage Easy Payroll

Wage Easy Payroll HR software has the only true across industry award interpreter that prepares the pay slip from a time sheet in seconds. It is easy to use and the operator no longer need detailed knowledge of complex awards, contracts or employment agreements. Unlike other payroll systems, Wage Easy Payroll can provides true award interpretation, based on actual times worked.

Designed for Australian employment conditions, Wage Easy Payroll HR has partnered with many thousands of businesses around Australia in different industries.

  • WageEasy and Payroll Software
  • Check automatically for downloads and updates
  • Stay up to date in new awards, pay and tax rates
  • Comprehensive HR Management

No matter what size your business is, there is a Wage Easy Payroll HR system to suit your needs. Wage Easy Payroll Software is the system that will totally automate and reduce your time producing the wage and managing your human resource.

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Concept Engineering

The Manufacturing System controls all aspects of the production and accounting process and because it's integrated with MS Office it provides all of this functionality in an intuitive, user friendly interface.

Each Manufacturing System module is designed to provide specific manufacturing functionality and can be purchased separately in accordance with individual business requirements. All modules are fully integrated with each other and the accounting system that is being used.

  • Management tools for organizations
  • Closely manage your manufacturing
  • Control all processes
  • Save money by planning effectively

Based around the core functionality of the bills of materials/manufacturing module, the available modules include:

  • Standard bill of materials/manufacturing
  • Extended production management
  • Demand analysis
  • Supply analysis (material requirement planning)
  • Job Entry and Bulk issues
  • Production quotation

The Manufacturing System assists with consistent quality production and planning, enables accurate actual consumption logging, efficient production planning and the analysis of plant and labour performance.

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